Saturday, 29 November 2014

Craftwork flowers and card toppers




                                                         Paper flowers

                                                       Clear coated flowers

                                                    Craftwork cards toppers





Christmas Cards

Christmas Crafters Companion

Christmas Craftwork Cards


Monday, 27 October 2014

50th Birthday Card

Jayne 50th Birthday Card

Stamped Easter card

Another Heart Anniversary Card

Heart Anniversary Card

Rugby 18th Birthday Card

Dress and flowers birthday card 8x8

A4 dress and flowers birthday card

Cat and flowers birthday card

With Sympathy

30th cycle birthday card

Cycle happy birthday card

Red Bus Birthday card

Faux Leather storage

I used the Sheena Douglas faux leather technique to create the covering for this stationery storage box.  It took time to create the sheets to cover the box with but it was well worth it.

With Sympathy Poppies

Bespoke pocket wedding album

Male 18th Birthday Card

Bespoke Wedding Cards

Below are a couple of bespoke wedding cards that I was commissioned to make.

A different card

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Katy Sue Shoe Card

Front of card

                                                                       Card insert

1. To make this card I used the Fabulous Shoes CD ROM, My Craft Studio the Only Way is Words CD, Crafters Companion Centura card and Paper Mill white smooth card to print my card sentiments and the shoe on my inkjet printer.

2. Then I cut out all the shapes for the card and the sentiment I had selected.

3. Then using Crafters Companion Collall 3D Glue Gel I decoupaged the shoe, sentiment toppers, etc. and added sparkling embellishments..

4.  Then I scored the sides of the card and glued them together with Crafters Companion Red Liner Tape.

5.  Then I used Crafters Companion Collall All-Purpose Glue to glue on the topper sentiments and shoe.